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privacy policy

Privacy policy


  1. The privacy policy of "swiga" explains the ways and mechanisms through which we can collect, store, use and protect your personal information (which is the information through which you can be identified). Reading and reviewing this privacy policy is very important.
  2.  Anonymous information does not constitute personal information because it cannot be used to identify any person. Therefor, we collect personal information when using the Swiga application, or related sites and services (including, without limitation, when registering, buying, selling, exchanging, and participating in auctions or when contacting our customer support team). 
    By providing us with your personal information, you expressly consent to our right to process your personal information in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy.
  3. We have the right to amend the privacy policy at any time by publishing the amended version on the swiga website which will be effective from the date of its publication. Your continued use of the swiga application, its websites and the rest of the services is considered an express approval from  you of our right to continue to Process your personal information in accordance with the terms of the amended Privacy Policy.
  4. We ask you to continue to follow the updates of the Privacy Policy regularly to be aware of any new modifications.

This Privacy Policy covers the following topics:

  1. Personal information we collect from you.
  2. Our use of your personal information.
  3. Your use of personal information about you and other users.
  4. Access, review and modification of your personal information.
  5. Third party website links.
  6.  Cookies.
  7. Prohibition of Spam and fraudulent messages.
  8.  protection of your personal information.
  9. How to contact us to inquire about the privacy policy.

Personal information we collect from you

  1. When you register on the application or the website, you will be asked to provide us with some personal information such as your name, address, email address, phone number and other similar information. As well as some additional information about you such as your date of birth or other identifying information.
    In addition, we need a security check. To make sure you are not impersonating someone else, we may check your phone number and email address.
  2. After your registration in the application or the website, do not share any personal information (including any financial information) anywhere in the application and the website, except for the personal account settings section. Restricting the sharing of personal information in all sections except for the Personal Account Settings section that protects you from the possibility of fraud or identity theft. The posting of any personal information by you anywhere on the App or the Website may result in the suspension of your account.
  3. We collect transactional information based on your activities using swiga (such as buying and selling), this information is only used in connection with transactions that take place on Swiga only.
  4. We may also collect information about your electronic device (for example, device type, browser type) and navigational information (for example, the pages you visit on Swiga) in conjunction with your use of
    The Swiga application is authorized to access your electronic device's camera and its studio, when you add images to advertise a new item, or to modify images of a previous advertisement. 
    Finally, we collect additional information from or about you in other ways not specifically described here.
    For example: We may collect information about your contact with our customer support team, or the results of your responses to an inquiry or survey, and we may also collect your feedback, ratings and other comments that relate to your use of
    Since we collect personal information for statistical purposes, such personal information should remain anonymous.

Our use of your personal information

  1. We use your personal information to provide services and customer support to you; to measure and improve the services we provide to you; to prevent illegal activities and to enforce a user agreement with you ("User Agreement"); to troubleshoot technical problems; in collecting fees; We also use it to send you promotional messages and to verify the information you provide to us with third parties. For example, we may share some of the personal information you provide to us with third-party verification services to check for fraud.
  2. Although we make every effort to maintain your privacy, we may have to disclose personal information about you to law enforcement agencies, government agencies or other third parties where we are compelled to do so by a court order or similar legal process; Where we are required to disclose your personal information to comply with the law and to cooperate with any ongoing law enforcement investigation, and we believe that the disclosure of your personal information is necessary to prevent physical harm or financial loss, to report suspected illegal activity or to investigate a possible violation of this User Agreement we've got.
  3. In the event of the sale of Swiga, or any of its subsidiaries, affiliates or any related business assets, your personal information may be disclosed to any potential purchaser for the purpose of continued progress, or in connection with any other sale.
    We may share your personal information with our group partners in order to provide shared content and services to you, and to help detect illegal actions and/or violations of our policies. We may also share personal information with other Site members as part of an auction or purchase on the Site. For example, at the end of a successful auction on the Site, we will show contact information of both the buyer and the seller to each other. 
    This information will be based on the personal information you provided to us when you registered, so you should keep your personal information up to date.  
  4. In addition, information about the items you sell and buy is displayed on the App and the Site. This information may include details of your user identity, your telephone number, your address, feedback ratings and feedback relating to your use of the Application and the Website.
  5. We do not sell or rent any of your personal information to third parties in the normal course of doing business and we will not share your personal information with third parties in accordance with this privacy policy.
  6. By registering on the application or the website, you expressly agree to receive promotional emails, messages about our services, and emails regarding changes and new features on Swiga.
  7. Moreover, we use the comments you made about Swiga for marketing purposes, and by writing these comments you expressly agree to our us using them for marketing purposes.

Your use of personal information about you and other users

  1. Members may need to exchange personal information with each other to complete transactions on swiga. Therefore, you must respect the privacy of other members at all times.
  2. We cannot guarantee the privacy of your personal information when you share personal information with other members, so you should constantly review information about the privacy and security policies of other members with whom you deal before sharing any of your personal information with another member.
  3. This privacy policy does not include your disclosure of any of your personal information to another member.
  4. You agree to use any personal information received from members of another site in connection with a transaction on the site only, and related to this transaction, and information received from members of another site must not be used for any other purposes (except with the express consent of the member of another site).
  5. You acknowledge and agree that you will not use personal information received from other site members in accordance with all applicable laws.

Access, review and modification of your personal information

  1. You can access and review your personal information in the "My Account" section of the Application and the Website.
    If your personal information changes in any way or is incorrectly presented on Swiga, you must immediately update or correct your personal information (as needed) by accessing the My Account section of Swiga  or by contacting the Service Team. our clients.
    The "Contact Us" link at the top of every page of the site contains the customer support email and phone numbers.
  2. Please note that we must retain your personal information during and after the completion of your use of Swiga as required to comply with law, to troubleshoot technical problems, to prevent fraud and forgery, to assist in any legal investigation, and to take any other actions otherwise permitted by law.
    Third Party Website Links
    Swiqa may contain links to other sites. We are not responsible for the laws and privacy policies of those websites. Therefore, we advise you, upon leaving swiga, to read the privacy statements of each website you visit in the event that you intend to provide personal information to this website. Our Privacy Policy applies to personal information that we collect on Swiga
  3. Swiga uses cookies technology, like many similar sites and applications, which are (small files placed on your device) when you visit certain pages and sections, and it is a technology to identify your browser with a unique random number.
  4. The cookies we use do not reveal any personal information about you. It helps us monitor and improve your experience through Swiga. And also contribute to our follow-up which sections are the most popular.
    You are always free to decline the use of cookies if your browser allows it, even though doing so may interfere with the use of the Site.

Prohibition of spam and fraudulent messages

We don't allow you to send spam or scams, and we don't tolerate the perpetrator. Therefore, you may not use our communication tools to send messages with harassing, harmful, or deceptive content which would result in a violation of our User Agreement.
We scan messages automatically, and we may filter messages manually for spam, viruses, phishing attacks, and other harmful or illegal activity or prohibited content.
To report spam or scams, please forward the message to our website

Protection of your personal information

We store your personal information on servers located in Europe and the Americas.
By providing us with personal information, you consent to the transfer and storage of your personal information on servers located in Europe and the Americas. We take reasonable precautions to protect all of your personal information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure.
All personal data is encrypted. However, the Internet remains a completely insecure medium, so we cannot guarantee the privacy of your personal information.
You must enter your username and password/verification code every time you want to access your account or complete transactions on the site.
Choose your password carefully, using numbers, letters and symbols that are unknown to others.
Do not share your username and password with anyone.
If you feel that your username or password has been compromised, please contact the Scholars support team immediately, and ensure that you change your password by logging into “My Account” section of Swiga.

How to contact us to inquire about the privacy policy

If you have any questions or concerns about the collection and use of your personal information, please contact our customer service team from the “Contact Us” link at the top of any page of the Website.